We were tasked with improving interaction between fans and Orlando Pirates.

We achieved this via a digital platform were users could submit videos and messages of support via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In return they could win various prizes and tickets to the derby match between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates.

To improve traffic to the site and make it more appealing we produced 13 challenge videos with the Pirates players.

The videos can be seen here:

Challenge 2: http://youtu.be/rrbQHcuPTeY

Challenge 3: http://youtu.be/ogxlL6MXeWM

Challenge 4: http://youtu.be/1ZuSQZ3Swa4

Challenge 5: http://youtu.be/rIruBOYlx6k

Challenge 5b: http://youtu.be/WHaYIyWm1U8

Challenge 6: http://youtu.be/t_eG1jL7cnU

Challenge 7: http://youtu.be/o2uh6vyOJyc

Challenge 7b: http://youtu.be/OU7mVs4kYBM

Challenge 8: http://youtu.be/X0RK1Rs0v98

Challenge 9: http://youtu.be/ucGEm_qV0u4

Challenge 9b: http://youtu.be/8mpgrqmhU24

Challenge 10: http://youtu.be/ZuVu9JK6xpw

Challenge 11: http://youtu.be/0nI2iYQhYcU

Challenge 12: http://youtu.be/Tcr4lP9R7kI

Challenge 12b: http://youtu.be/tt9U2NA2JBI

The results was a huge increase in traffic to the site, we also dominated the youth market in Gauteng and achieved the goal of increasing user interaction with the club.

Website Screen Shots

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.40.44 PM

User Interaction via Twitter

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.40.57 PM

Registration Mechanic

Created whilst working for 140BBDO

Final Result


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