Sportsman’s Warehouse

Sportmans Warehouse is one of the best known South African brands I worked and continue to work on their e-commerce website. The website includes integration with their CRM and stock management systems and lets users view add to cart and check out. Users can also be notified on the availability on items online.


  • Showcase products and their associated information
  • Allow users to easily add to cart and check out, the fewer steps the better
  • Allow users to find out if an item is available at their selected store
  • Intergrate the system into their existing newsletter managment system


The final product showcases products effectively, users can easily find the item them are looking for via the search function. Then select size and or color add to cart and checkout.

They system uses the minimum amount of steps necessary to make the checkout process as painless as possible.

Website screenshots


Product listing


 Category Listing


Produced and maintained whilst working for Limabean

Final Result

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