Robertson’s Spices is the head sponsor for Masterchef South Africa, they required their site to be redesigned and changed completed from last year. The whole site is content driven and runs on the Expression Engine CMS system. We integrated the design and added certain functionality.
The aim of the website was to get maximum user engagement and therefore increase exposure of Robertsons as a brand.


  • Improve UX
  • Showcase recepies
  • Allow users to watch tutoril videos
  • Allow CMS system to update recipe and videos
  • Allow user to view recipe`s mark them as cooked and share on social networks


Users register on the site and are rewarded for watching tutorial videos. Users can mark recipes as cooked and can save them to their own cook book. Users can review spices and make their own combination.

A weekly video is posted and users are rewarded badges for viewing them.

The mobile site allows all the functionality as the above.

Website screenshots




Recipe View


Final Result


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