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Approached by Audi SA`s advertising agency were were tasked with putting together a vehicle booking system, were they could invite select customers to test drive their vehicle of choice for a couple of days.

The system would check vehicle availability based on other users selection and then present the user with available days.

Once the user had selected his/her vehicle they were thanked and then rewarded with a gift


  • User engagement was crutial and so was UX the site would need to be easy to navigate and the process flow simple
  • Showcase the different vehicle models with the various specifications
  • Allow a user only to select a perticular vehcile only if it was avaialble
  • Allow user to book the test drive by inserting their details
  • Allow user to select the reward of choice at the end of the process


The site was hosted on a private server and was only accessible to select users. Each user was sent an introductory email with a unique URL constructed via an API that already contained the users information. This meant that after a user selected a vehicle all they needed to do was confirm their personal details.

Once a vehicle was selected and booked according to its available date the uses was asked to select from a variety of reward and gifts to thank them for taking part in the experience.

Website screenshots


Date select based on vehicle availability


 Pre-populated data via API


Final Result

Unfortunately I cannot share the URL with you as this project is intended for selected users only and is not publicly accessible

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